Tips on Testifying 


1. Speak eloquently, make eye contact with the council members, thank them for listening to us, and tell your story.

2. Use a combination of researched facts and a heartfelt story to convey a powerful message. If you have personal experience with puppy mill dogs, share that. 

3. Stay on topic. It's about the ban, not all animals, not other issues in Port Orchard, etc.

4. End on time. Rehearse the speech if need be. Write it out and practice. 

5. Dress nicely. Not like a cocktail party, but conservative casual. 

6. End with your original ask. 

Do not:

1. Get overly emotional to where you lose control of the narrative

2. Chastise the council. They are filling a difficult job and deserve our respect. 

3. Scream from the audience. It's an emotional issue, but vital they see us as professionally astute.